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Sailor 1911 King of Pens Naginata Togi Fountain Pen

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The Sailor King of Pen Ebonite with the Naginata nib made with skilled craftmanship, Polished Ebonite gives the feeling of comfort in your hands, and the Naginata nib offers a smooth-writing experience.
Take advantage of the smoothest writing experience possible.

Sailor's original 21K is well-known for it's smooth-writing experience.
21K KOP size, Bicolor Naginata-Togi

Naginat nib, is specially designed with a larger pen point with a longer stroke that provide ultimate smoothness.
The nib provides broader strokes on the horizontal and finer stroke on the vertical.
Also, the Naginata nib provides writing line-widths much broader than would normally be expected.
The finest and smoothest nib that can be used without applying pen pressure.

It is renowned as the world's oldest artificial resin, a hard rubber like material.
It is a black-brown rubber with a rich luster, and was named after "Ebony" because of its appearance.
Although difficult to process, it is a traditional material for fountain pen which has excellet ink corrosion resistance.
Originally it is jet black, and the more you use it, the more subtle the panita will develop.
-Product availability and specifications shown on this website may vary between markets. Please contact your authorised Sailor vendor to check on availability.


Nib: 21K Gold with Bicolor plating, Naginata-Togi
Type: Converter & Cartridge type
Material: Ebonite

-Actual products may vary from the photographs on this website.

NOTE: Ebonite is a natural material and therefore very occasionally foreign substances and/or pin holes may be observed. This is part of the character fo the material and should not be regarded as a defect.

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Sailor 1911 King of Pens Naginata Togi Fountain Pen - Pencraft the boutique

Sailor 1911 King of Pens Naginata Togi Fountain Pen



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