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Blackwing Eras 2023 Edition

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The special release 'Eras' is Blackwing's homage to the past and celebration of the future of Blackwing. This special edition pencil is the fourth entry in our Blackwing Eras series - honoring Blackwing's heritage with designs inspired by the Blackwing 602's unique history.

The Blackwing Eras (2023 Edition) pencil sports a retro design inspired by the Van Dyke 601. The pencils have a yellow barrel, dark grey ferrule with a gold band, a red eraser, firm graphite, and a “PULL OUT CLAMP TO LENGTHEN ERASER” imprint.

In 2020, Blackwing launched their first Eras pencil celebrating 10 years of the Blackwing revival with a design pulled straight from the 1930s. In 2021, we released our second Eras pencil paying tribute to the Palomino pencils that inspired the Blackwing revival. Then in 2022, we honored the arrow-punched ferrule found on Blackwing pencils in the mid-20th century.

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Blackwing Eras 2023 Edition - Pencraft the boutique

Blackwing Eras 2023 Edition


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