Joshua Thorp Turquoise - the story behind the ink

Have you heard the story behind our Pencraft exclusive Robert Oster Signature Ink colour - Joshua Thorp Turquoise?

Our store owner, Joshua, was a very big fan of a particular ink that was no longer being made. He loved it so much, that when it was available, he hoarded bottles and bottles of it. It was the only colour he used in his fountain pen!

Pencraft staff were delighted to be able to have it as one of the staff inks as it was about $60 per bottle to purchase.

Eventually the day came when the ink could no longer be sourced, and Joshua was sad. Really sad.

Then Robert Oster (the local South Australian ink producer) came to the rescue, and created a special Signature Ink blend, just for us here at Pencraft, inspired by Joshua's favourite ink and in his iconic shade of turquoise.

While a little shy at having a bottle of ink with his name on it, it's fair to say that Joshua is a very happy man again.

Do you have a colour that is 'your' ink?


Available only at Pencraft