Platinum 3776 Century Limited Edition Kinshu Red Fountain Pen

SKU: 4977114115592


The fifth and final instalment in Platinum’s Fuji Shunkei series, capturing the seasonal scenery of Mount Fuji, is the Century #3776 Kinshu. Inspired by the fiery foliage of Japan’s fall, is patterned with intricate facet cut curves. The body of the pen is a vibrant scarlet red known as Hiiro that resembles the colour of flame. A small Mount Fuji is carefully placed at the top of the pen to help represent the peak in all its glory. Coupled with the gold of the trim and details this pen is sure to be a show stopping addition to any collection. Each pen is individually number, with only 4500 made, so stocks won’t last.


Each pen features the classic and well-loved features of the Platinum Century #3776 including ‘Slip and Seal’ screw on cap technology to prevent ink drying out, a 14K gold nib, the capability of using cartridges or a convertor and an international one-year manufacturing warranty. This special edition also comes with as extremely limited bookmark to commemorate the entire Fuji Shunkei collection.