Moleskine Limited Edition Sakura Notebook Plain Large Graphics 2

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Capture passing ideas on the page as you enjoy the exquisite yet short-lived beauty of Japanese cherry blossom. 

This special Sakura Limited Edition Collection includes 4 notebooks with either plain or ruled pages in both large and pocket size. Each one is delicately adorned with soft pink and white Sakura petals to evoke Japan's eagerly awaited cherry blossom season. The notebooks in the collection all have fabric covers to add a lightly tactile element to your notes. 

The Sakura theme continues on the notebook endpapers, special insert and paperband b-side, which features a floral garland to cut out and make. 

Inspiration can be as fleeting as cherry blossom; keep your notebook handy ready to capture ideas and thoughts before they drift away on the breeze.

SIZE: Large - 13 x 21cm

PAGES: 240 pages

STYLE: Plain

FEATURES: Moleskine History Inside. Expandable Inner Pocket. Elastic Closure. Bookmark.

SOURCE: Designed in Italy