LAMY Safari Terra Red Special Edition Fountain Pen

SKU: 4014519738022


The highly sought after LAMY Safari pens of the 1980’s are entering the spotlight again for 2021. The savannah green and terra red are throwbacks to the original colours of the LAMY Safari, a bold icon of a reliable pen.

The Lamy Safari series are practical pens that suitable for any occasions. These affordable pens were created with both function and design in mind. Whether is it a mechanical pencil, ballpoint, rollerball, or fountain pen, they all have an ergonomic grip that allows for long, ache-free writing sessions. The plastic bodied pens have many colours to choose from, there is certainly a colour to brighten your day and writing.

The fountain pen from this series can take the Lamy T10 ink cartridges or can take bottled ink with the Lamy Z28 converter. The Lamy fountain pen is great pen to experiment with different nibs as the stainless-steel nibs are easily interchangeable.

Nib Size: