LAMY 2000 Limited Edition Brown Fountain Pen

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The 55th anniversary of the LAMY 2000 is an occasion worth celebrating. First released in 1966, this humble pen shaped the future of both LAMY and pen design more broadly. Honouring this iconic part of pen history, the LAMY 2000 Fountain Pen Set offers a premium experience worthy of an internationally-recognised design icon.

Presented in an elegant gift box, the special edition LAMY 2000 sports a unique dark brown finish with a matching stainless steel clip. The chocolate-brown polycarbonate finish pairs beautifully with a leather-bound notebook in a matching rich brown cover made of genuine cowhide. Inside, 160 pages of high-quality paper from Italian mill Favini, making it a fitting place to savour the feel and grace of the LAMY 2000.

Also included in this magnificent set is the previously-unpublished biography, The Unknown Designer, tracing the career of designer Gerd A. Müller, who worked with Dr. Manfred Lamy to bring the LAMY 2000 to life. A storied history of design, Müller's work on everything from electric shavers to kitchen mixers informed the principles that he brought to LAMY pens from the iconic 2000 to breathtakingly simple CP1.

This set is a limited edition, with only 3300 units available. Each set is numbered, and is bound to be an essential for pen collectors and lovers of classic design.

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