LAMY Safari Candy Mango Special Edition Ballpoint


Fill your senses with vivid colour courtesy of the limited-edition Mango LAMY Safari Ballpoint Pen. An invigorating tropical shade, the Mango finish is a delicious twist on an icon right down the matching metal clip.

The LAMY Safari is a timelessly modern pen that's in a class of its own. Sturdy plastic with metal clip and an ergonomic grip, the LAMY Safari’s design adds to the bold feel of this standout pen. Lightweight and easy to use, the Safari is a robust and fun introduction (or re-introduction) to the joys of handwriting.

Internationally renowned for their sophisticated, timeless design, LAMY writing instruments are part of a decades-old family tradition that prizes simplicity and durability, resulting in a range of pens, mechanical pencils, inks and paper that stands the test of time.

Made in Germany since 1966, the meticulous design and construction process that goes into each LAMY product ensures a delightful and enduring writing experience that’s anything but disposable.