Graf von Faber Castell Guilloche Yozakura Fountain Pen

SKU: 14-145300


At the so-called yozakura ("nighttime cherry blossom festival") cherry trees are illuminated, making their pale pink blossoms glow against the deep black night sky. It is a magnificent spectacle that celebrates the beauty and transience of life. Inspired by the magic of this nocturnal spring ritual, the new Graf von Faber-Castell Guilloche series includes a soft pink hue.

The Guilloche writing instruments made of precious resin are distinguished by a special process. Each one is engraved individually using a method otherwise reserved for jewellery or silver accessories. The barrel is then hand-lacquered and repeatedly polished.The result is a unique and most interesting surface texture. No two writing implements are identical: each is an individual example of the craftsman’s art.

Cartridge/converter system, delivered with converter
Handmade 18-carat gold nib, rhodium plated and run in by hand
Available nib widths: M (medium), F (fine), EF (extra fine) and B (broad)
Barrel made from precious resin, engraved individually using the Guilloche method
Rhodium-plated, highly polished metal fittings
Solid, spring-loaded clip
Delivered in dedicated gift box