ElCasco Tape Dispenser Black Chrome


$150.00 $265.00

This elegant tape dispenser is handmade in Spain by El Casco, a world-renowned metalwork company specialising in gold, silver, and chrome desk accessories. Made of solid brass, the tape dispenser of El Casco is plated in an alluring shiny chrome, then hallmarked with the company's logo, and finally hand-polished to give a magnetic finish. It is the perfect accessory for any sophisticated office desk. 

In Spanish El Casco means ''helmet''. The company was founded as a firearm factory on September 7 1920. In the crisis years from 1929 all the arms industry was struggling and the management of El Casco decided to expand the range with high quality staplers and pencil sharpeners of replaceable spare parts.

Please note: stock may have a black or chrome spinner and cutter.